Yarn Ends

Also known as, "Wormy bits", named by my little girl Layla when she was a toddler. These are all the tiny little clippings from woven in ends & this is what i do with them!

2018 Yarn Ends

Ugh, yarn ends. We do not like having to sew them in, because quite frankly, it is sooooooo boooooooring but, they sure are pretty!!! In this jar above, are all my yarn ends from 2018! I saved every snipping over the year & then squished them into this yarn jar they sit on my shelf, just because they are pretty, & one day I will use them to stuff amigurumi, or cushions, or for my twins to use for arts & crafts! Those dreaded yarn ends, sure are pretty though.

2019 Yarn Ends (so far)

For 2019, I have been using this vase (also from Ikea), to store all my yarn ends so far, then they will be put into a jar like 2018 ends, & put on my shelf. I can remember every project that those yarn ends were snipped from.


It is now Feb 2021, & been a few years since I updated this blog & copied it across to my new shop, so thought I would add a little update.

I am still filling my Yarn Scrap mason jars! Can you believe they are still not full?! i find myself diving into them when I need yarn for little details in amigurumi, or if i am playing a game of yarn chicken with a ball of yarn i am using, these jars have saved me MANY times!

As for my Yarn scrap, aka wormy bit jars, I have added both 2019 & 2020 to my shelves now, & am starting to fill up my vase for 2021 already.

Watch this video on my instagram @littlecosythings, showing my full jars for 2018, 2019 & 2020!

The best part has been seeing other crafters wormy bits jars popping up on Instagram :) i love that you are all calling them wormy bit jars too, Layla would be so happy!

I will keep updating as the years go by!

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