Sun Jellies: My guide to picking the right one for your WIPs!

The fun, practical & colourful modern way to store all your craft supplies, yarn, crochet projects & even kids toys - Sun Jellies! Available HERE now!

I have an addiction.. Sun Jellies!! I cannot stop collecting these retro style baskets & totes! I have found so many different ideas & ways to use them for my storage. Not just for yarn & WIPs, but also for different needs around the house.

I have a total of 22 Sun Jellies in my personal collection & just in my craft room. Layla has 3 of the mini retro baskets in her bedroom, Wolf has 2 in his, & we have another 5 scattered around the house. I will tell you what we use them for further down.

If you are wanting to start your own Sun Jellies collection, i have put together a list of the different ones available in my shop here, & what they are best used for, depending on your crochet project, as well as, how much they can hold.

​Retro Basket (Large)

These were my first Sun Jellies, & what I recommend to most people who are unsure what to get to begin their collection.

Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 14 cm

Best for: your smallest crochet projects – baby blankets, amigurumi, granny squares etc, & for yarn storage. Great for on the go makes, & car projects. Also fantastic for travel, as the bags are collapsible, so when you finish your project, you can collapse the bag down & put into your suitcase. Or go buy more yarn.. I would buy more yarn to fill it again.

​Atomic Totes

Dimensions: 40 x 46 x 16 cm

Best for: bigger projects – baby cot size blankets, lightweight lap blankets, large yarn storage. The handles clip together to close. And it has a lovely sturdy bottom for when you are out & about, you can keep your yarn in the tote whilst crocheting, so the yarn doesn’t get dirty.

​Fiesta Shopper

Dimensions: 46 x 46.5 x 23 cm (large) & 39 x 35 x 14 cm (small)

Best for: Large – it is huge! I use mine to store my yarn stash & there are A LOT of balls in there!! The large is best for the large heavy throw blankets you are making AND the yarn to make them. The handles of the Fiesta Shopper clip together to close, like the Atomic Tote.

​Betty Baskets

The newest Sun Jellies on the block are the Betty Baskets!

Dimensions: 45 x 40 x 22 cm

Best for: So this is the perfect size for crochet project versality i think, if you were wanting to buy one basket but make a variety of projects. It is shorter than the Atomic Tote, but wider. So the capacity is about the same. Apart from a huge blanket, this basket could hold all crochet projects quite easily, with room for the yarn down the bottom. The handles do not clip closed on this design.

So there you have it, that is all the Sun Jellies bags available in my shop now here, except the Jelly Purses – which I plan to add to the shop very soon, would be great for all your crafty notions when out & about.

I mentioned that i have a few other Sun Jellies scattered around my house, so i wanted to briefly mention what i use them for...

There is a mini version of the Retro Baskets, & they are the perfect (& cutest) kids size. Layla has 3 in her room – 2 are storing all her hair accessories & the other one is storing all her little dolls clothes. Wolf has 2 in his bedroom – 1 is full of hot wheels cars, like full to the brim (he loves them) & the other has his socks!

I am not currently stocking the small/mini Retro baskets, but please let me know if you are interested in them, & I will order with my next shipment. These would also be great for Amigurumi projects & keeping all those limbs that need to be sewn on.

I have a 2 x Fiesta Shoppers in our laundry next to our dirty laundry hamper. I used these for the twins dirty clothes. I love them as laundry hampers, especially for kids & babies, because their little clothes are so tiny, especially the socks, & they would get lost or swallowed up in the big hamper with the rest of the clothes, & I can see at a quick glance when I have enough for a full load. AND because the baskets are plastic (100% recycled) they are washable!! Soiled clothes, no worries, quickly throw the basket under the tap afterwards & clean/disinfect it.

Which leads me to the next one – we also have a Fiesta Shopper, in the bathroom, & it stores all the kids bath toys. Because of the holes in the design, & its plastic, the water from the bath toys easily drains out, so no mould. It looks really cool in the bathroom, & I can hang it by its handles over the tap, to store it. The twins used to like playing with the actual bag in the bath too, filling it with water & then watching the water come out the sides.

And lastly, we have a few of the large Retro Baskets for toy storage. They are a good size for blocks, & toy cars, Duplo, stuffed toys, dolls clothes etc etc they are bright colours kids love, & look great on display in your living room, even when they are randomly full of things.

So you can now join me as a crazy Sun Jellies lady & understand how I now have so many in my craft collection & house.

Please let me know if you need more help picking the Sun Jellies bags for you, or a specific product or project you want to store in yours, & I will help :)

You can find all the Sun Jellies range here in my Shop!

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